Recommendations for dementia caregiver stress interventions based on Intervention Mapping guidelines

Katherine Olson Scott, The University of Texas School of Public Health


Stress can affect a person's psychological and physical health and cause a variety of conditions including depression, immune system changes, and hypertension (Alzheimer's Association, 2010; Aschbacher et al., 2009; Fredman et al., 2010; Long et al., 2004; Mills et al., 2009; von Känel et al., 2008). The severity and consequences of these conditions can vary based on the duration, amount, and sources of stress experienced by the individual (Black & Hyer, 2010; Coen et al., 1997; Conde-Sala et al., 2010; Pinquart & Sörensen, 2007). Caregivers of people with dementia have an elevated risk for stress and its related health problems because they experience more negative interactions with, and provide more emotional support for, their care recipients than other caregivers. ^ This paper uses a systematic program planning process of Intervention Mapping to organize evidence from literature, qualitative research and theory to develop recommendations for a theory- and evidence-based intervention to improve outcomes for caregivers of people with dementia. A needs assessment was conducted to identify specific dementia caregiver stress influences and a logic model of dementia caregiver stress was developed using the PRECEDE Model. Necessary behavior and environmental outcomes are identified for dementia caregiver stress reduction and performance objectives for each were combined with selected determinants to produce change objectives. Planning matrices were then designed to inform effective theory-based methods and practical applications for recommended intervention delivery. Recommendations for program components, their scope and sequence, the completed program materials, and the program protocols are delineated along with ways to insure that the program is adopted and implemented after it is shown to be effective.^

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Health Sciences, Public Health|Psychology, Behavioral Sciences|Education, Health

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Scott, Katherine Olson, "Recommendations for dementia caregiver stress interventions based on Intervention Mapping guidelines" (2011). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI1502171.