An integrated approach to evaluating erp in healthcare: Conceptual and research model development

Sarah McGee Barlow, The University of Texas School of Public Health


In order to remain competitive, healthcare organizations are investing considerable resources in information technology (IT). Patient care establishments are beginning to recognize the value of adopting innovative business solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. ERPs are enterprise wide information systems (IS) that integrate core business processes across functional areas such as supply chain, finance, human resources, grants and customer relations. Implementing ERP helps to effectively manage resources across the patient care continuum. ERP solutions utilize a common platform to combine information into a single data repository with the potential to provide high quality data for analysis and decision making, improve processes, reduce inventories, and provide better customer service. The cost of implementing an ERP is considerable and failure rates are high; consequently, the ability to assess the success of an ERP implementation is critical. ^ There are numerous ways to evaluate whether an IS implementation has achieved its goals. Success can be measured in terms of meeting project milestones: was it on time and within budget; or in terms of organizational objectives such as decreased turnaround times or increased customer satisfaction. Measurement can be examined at an individual, collective (e.g., department) or organizational level, and involves multiple outcomes; thus, measuring IS Success has turned out to be a challenging endeavor. The objective of this thesis is to develop new perspectives for studying IS Success. Drawing on a foundation of complex systems theory and supported by a collection of diverse literature, this work advances an approach for conceptualizing and measuring IS Success and identifies measures for each of selected variables.^

Subject Area

Information technology|Health sciences

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Barlow, Sarah McGee, "An integrated approach to evaluating erp in healthcare: Conceptual and research model development" (2015). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI3732061.