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Interview with Marianne Marcus
Marianne Marcus EdD, RN


Associations among adolescent sleep problems, emotion regulation, and affective disorders: Findings from a nationally representative sample.
Cara A. Palmer Ph.D.; Benjamin Oosterhoff Ph.D.; Joanne L. Bower Ph.D.; Julie B Kaplow Ph.D., ABPP; and Candice A. Alfano Ph.D.


Predicting Grief Reactions One Year Following a Mass University Shooting: Evaluating Dose-Response and Contextual Predictors.
Andrew J. Smith Ph.D.; Christopher M. Layne; Patrick Coyle Ph.D.; Julie B. Kaplow Ph.D.; Melissa J Brymer Ph.D., Phy.D.; Robert S. Pynoos MD; and Russell T. Jones


Caregivers' positive emotional expression and children's psychological functioning after parental loss.
Britney M Wardecker, Julie B Kaplow, Christopher M Layne, and Robin S Edelstein

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