Minimizing radiation injury and neoplastic effects during pediatric fluoroscopy: what should we know?

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Pediatr Radiol. 2006 September; 36(Suppl 2): 141–145.


Radiation-induced injuries from fluoroscopic procedures in pediatric patients have occurred, and young patients are at greatest risk of many radiation-induced neoplasms. Some fluoroscopists have been injured from their use of fluoroscopy, and they are known to be at risk of radiation-induced neoplasm when radiation is not well-controlled. This article reviews the circumstances that lead to radiation injury and delineates some procedural methods to avoid injury and limit radiation exposure to both the patient and the fluoroscopist.


Body Burden, Child, Environmental Exposure, Fluoroscopy, Humans, Pediatrics, Physician's Practice Patterns, Radiation Injuries, Radiation Protection, Radiometry