Using technology to teach technology: design and evaluation of bilingual online physician education about electronic medical records.

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AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2005; 2005: 946.


The "EMR Tutorial" is designed to be a bilingual online physician education environment about electronic medical records. After iterative assessment and redesign, the tutorial was tested in two groups: U.S. physicians and Mexican medical students. Split-plot ANOVA revealed significantly different pre-test scores in the two groups, significant cognitive gains for the two groups overall, and no significant difference in the gains made by the two groups. Users rated the module positively on a satisfaction questionnaire.


Analysis of Variance, Attitude to Computers, Computer User Training, Computer-Assisted Instruction, Education, Medical, Continuing, Humans, Medical Records Systems, Computerized, Mexico, Multilingualism, Online Systems, United States


PMCID: PMC1560481