The Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC) was officially established under the direction of the Research Council's Division of Medical Sciences in March 1947. The ABCC, which was responsible for carrying out research in the field, was overseen by the division's Committee on Atomic Casualties, which later became the Advisory Committee on ABCC. Operations were funded by the newly created Atomic Energy Commission's Biology and Medicine Division.

Since 1986, McGovern Historical Center's has solicited and preserved the documents of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission. This collection is comprised of manuscripts and other records donated by former members throughout the United States. The individual collections offer insight; while the entire collection offers comprehensive view of activities of the Commission from the late 1940’s through its evolution into Radiation Effects Research Foundation.

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ABCC Photograph Collection: 1946-1980

Howard B. Hamilton, MD Papers

Mac Suzuki Photograph Collection

Robert D. Lange, MD Papers

William C. Moloney, M.D. Papers