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A paper affixed to the rear free endpaper of the item states that is edition contains “fine reproductions of the Gemini plates.”

“Thomas Geminus was a a pseudonym for Thomas Lambrit, an engraver and printer…shown as active from about 1540; he died in May 1562.” accessed 11/20/2012. Geminus (Lambrit) printed Compendiosa totius anatomiae delineation aere exarata in 1545 copied from Vesalius’ 1543, De humani corporis fabrica . (Wellcome Library catalog, accessed 11/20/2012.)

This book is a 1617 reproduction of the engraved copperplates which Lambrit himself copied from the original woodblock prints of the Vesalius’ book.

Because the illustrations were based on those in the Vesalius’ book, because the name Vesalius helped sell the book, because copyright laws were not in effect, and because photocopies and digital images were not available, the author of this book is given as Andreas Vesalius. (Vesalius may or may not have been pleased.)

For more information on Thomas Geminus (Lambrit) see The Anatomy of Thomas Geminus, by Geoffrey Keynes,

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Joannes Janssonius




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Anatomia in qua tota humani corporis fabrica... Amstelodami, Ioannes Ianssonius, 1617