NIH Data Management & Sharing (DMS) Policy, effective January 25, 2023, applies to all research, funded or conducted in whole or in part by NIH, that results in the generation of scientific data.

This includes all NIH-supported research regardless of funding level, including: extramural grants, extramural contracts, intramural research projects, and other funding agreements.Scientific Data is defined as data commonly accepted in the scientific community as of sufficient quality to validate and replicate research findings, regardless of whether the data are used to support scholarly publications.

Did you know that with the new Data Management and Sharing Policy in place, you can already submit data? This collection contains open access research data contributed by BCM faculty, staff and researchers.


Data from from 2019


Data collection curated with an application ontology describes the methods and results upon performing an ex-vivo voltage-clamp assay on outer hair cells of the mammalian cochlea, Brenda Farrell and Jason Bengtson