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Dr. Ernst William Bertner was born at Colorado City, Texas, August 18, 1889. Dr. Bertner was one of the founders of the Texas Medical Center and was its first president from 1945-1950. He was named by the University of Texas as acting director of the M.D. Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research when that institution was conceived. He was responsible for the professional organization and the operation of the hospital for the first four years of its existence. He served as professor and chairman of the department of gynecology for the Baylor College of Medicine since its establishment in Houston from 1943 until his death in 1950. Learn more at Bertner, Ernst William (1889–1950).


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February 22-23, 1946




Western Union telegrams from E. W. Bertner's family and Dr. C. R. Chesnutt to E. W. Bertner congratulating him on the establishment of the Texas Medical Center. See more at Ernst William Bertner, MD Papers.


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