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Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2 (2021) Child Firearm Injury and Fatalities

Katelyn K. Jetelina, MPH PhD

This special issue of the Journal for Applied Research on Children will focus on articles contributing to a full-spectrum prevention approach to firearm unintentional and intentional injuries across key sectors within a community. Evidence-based ideas and programs encompass the spectrum, like describing the burden of intentional and unintentional firearm injuries among youth, the short- and long-term health impact of witnessing firearm violence, universal measures for improved firearm safety (safe storage, firearm lock technology, etc.), the impact of the pandemic on firearm injury, and best practices for community settings (like healthcare settings) to better detect and address firearm violence. The purpose of this themed issue is to describe the current state of affairs and possible strategies for a comprehensive prevention model for firearm injuries among youth.

Issue Editor's Point of View



A Mixed Methods Evaluation of Parents’ Perspectives on the Acceptability of the S.A.F.E. Firearm Program
Katelin Hoskins, Christina Johnson, Molly Davis, Amy R. Pettit, Shari Barkin, Shari Jager-Hyman, Frederick Rivara, Maureen Walton, Courtney B. Wolk, and Rinad S. Beidas


Traumatic pediatric firearm injuries during the COVID-19 pandemic
Kristin G. Crichton, Farah W. Brink, Kelli N. Patterson, and Nichole L. Michaels


Wording Matters When Pediatricians Recommend HPV Vaccination
Lara S. Savas; Albert J, Farias; C. Mary Healy; Ross Shegog; Maria E. Fernandez; Erica L. Frost; Sharon P. Coan; Claire A. Crawford; Stanley W. Spinner MD; Matthew A. Wilber; Travis A. Teague; and Sally W. Vernon


Temporary Firearm Storage and Safe Firearm Storage Counseling at Gun Retailers and Ranges in the Greater Houston Area: A Potential New Partner in Addressing Child and Youth Firearm Injury?
Sandra McKay, Michael B. Bagg, Zachary Tallackson, Deepanjli Donthula, Bethany Russell, Nidha Sha, Allison Petronzio, and Mike Henson-Garcia

Perspective from the Field


Comprehensive Local Injury Surveillance for Pediatric Fatal and Nonfatal Firearm Injury Prevention Planning
Bindi Naik-Mathuria, Ned Levine, Cary Cain, Abiodun O. Oluyomi, Mike Henson-Garcia, and Lisa Pompeii