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Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2 (2017) Youth at Risk: New and Emerging Issues related to Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drug Use

Issue Editor's Point of View


Special Issue Introduction: Youth at Risk
MeLisa Creamer, Anna Wilkinson, Deanna Hoelscher, and Steven Kelder



“If You Are Old Enough to Die for Your Country, You Should Be Able to Get a Pinch of Snuff”: Views of Tobacco 21 Among Appalachian Youth
Lindsay K. Tompkins, Clara G. Sears, Joy L. Hart, Kandi L. Walker, Alexander S. Lee, and Aruni Bhatnagar

Perspective from the Field


Addressing Youth Perceptions of Harm in Marijuana Prevention Programming
Kristen J. Quinlan, Maria Valenti, Gisela Rots, Joshua Esrick, Kimberly Dash, and