The current paper discusses the implementation and scaling of an early education program (Texas School Ready; TSR). Implementation and scaling of the TSR program was initially met with challenges such as participant/site recruitment, participant retention, and staff training. The three challenges are highlighted along with the ways in which delivery and support systems were used to address and mitigate these challenges. Additionally, we highlight several key continuous quality improvement measures (for administrators, coaches/coordinators, teachers, and students) that are used to monitor and improve the implementation of the TSR program across the state. Collectively, the delivery and support systems along with the continuous quality improvement measures allow for the TSR program to not only be implemented at scale, but also to be implemented in ways that are sustainable across communities.

Key Take Away Points

Three implementation challenges (site/participant recruitment, participant turnover, staff training) are highlighted during the scale-up of an early education program

Key delivery and support systems are highlighted as ways to address these implementation challenges

Continuous quality improvement measures allow for widespread implementation and sustainability across communities

Author Biography

April Crawford, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and the Director of Strategic Initiatives and Program Implementation at the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI). Dr. Crawford conducts research and oversees the implementation of CLI’s statewide initiatives focusing on early childhood education and literacy. Cheryl Varghese, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI). Dr. Varghese conducts research around professional development for teachers and coaches, literacy interventions for children, implementation fidelity, and teacher-child relationships/interactions for young children. Pauline Monsegue-Bailey, Ph.D., is a Project Manager of Texas School Ready (TSR) & Statewide Research Initiatives at the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI). Dr. Monsegue-Bailey implements research focusing on early literacy, early childhood science assessment, instructional coaching, and instructional quality.


The authors would like to acknowledge that funding for this early education program came from the Texas Workforce Commission and Texas Education Agency.