Invited Commentary on "A Multidisciplinary Team Experience with Food Insecurity and Failure to Thrive" by Drs. Kersten and Bennett.

Key Take Away Points

  • Childhood hunger has profound impacts on children's health and ability to learn.
  • The relationship between food insecurity, failure to thrive and children with special health care needs is poorly understood.
  • Clinic-based screening using a validated screening tool should be adopted.
  • Further research is needed to inform evidence-based, culturally appropriate and feasible clinic-based interventions.

Author Biography

Dana Hargunani, MD, MPH, is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Oregon Health & Science University and serves as the Child Health Director for the Oregon Health Authority. In this role she serves as an advisor on children's health policy issues for the State of Oregon. She is a founding and steering committee member of the Childhood Hunger Coalition, a multi-disciplinary group of anti-hunger advocates working to eliminate public health problems arising from childhood hunger in Oregon.



A Response To:

A Multidisciplinary Team Experience with Food Insecurity & Failure to Thrive by Hans B. Kersten and David Bennett.