Bringing Babies to Work? A Qualitative Study of Infant-at-Work Programs

Riley Stoltenburg, The University of Texas School of Public Health


This research was conducted with businesses in Texas who were identified to have a current and functioning infant-at-work program. These programs which allow parents to bring their infant to work and have access to their child throughout the day. Of the six companies interviewed all reported positive outcomes such as higher retention rates for new parents, more loyal employees, and money savings due to keeping employees longer. The researchers attempted to find the answers to the feasibility of the program, effect of work-life balance on the parent, and the perceived benefits this program has on the company. The study group was made up of a triangulated group of three employees at each company, the director of the infant-at-work program, the employee who has used the program, and their direct supervisor. Using all three perspectives helped us gain a more well-rounded understanding of how the program affected not only those who used it but those around them as well. Interviews were conducted over the phone with participants were located outside of Travis County and held in person with those located in Travis County. All interviews were recorded and transcribed then coded for thematic elements. ^ Researchers found an overall positive review of the program for those companies that were interviewed. Program directors and supervisors found it to be beneficial because employees returned sooner and were more loyal to the company. The slight decrease in work output was made up for by the increased attention to detail in the work that was completed. Employees favored this program because it eased the transition between maternity leave and reentering the workforce. Parents found it assisted in meeting their breastfeeding goals, but the infant-at-work programs cannot be given all the credit in this regard because all employers interviewed were permitted allowing mothers the place and time to express milk throughout the day. Infant-at-work programs were reported to work well in the companies interviewed, with perceived benefits to employees and employers.^

Subject Area

Gifted education

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Stoltenburg, Riley, "Bringing Babies to Work? A Qualitative Study of Infant-at-Work Programs" (2018). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI10790806.