Gardasil - What do women really think about it?

Kimberly Anne Ellison, The University of Texas School of Public Health


Human Papillomavirus has had a detrimental effect on the lives of many women, yet many women do not know exactly what this virus can do. Society needs to be informed about HPV, its contraction, its treatment, its link to other health issues, and prevention of contraction. The desire and need to find a cure for cancer has been evident for years, and now through the development of the HPV Vaccine, Gardasil, there is finally a way to help with the prevention of one type of cancer. To make strides in cancer health care and to prevent women from unnecessarily suffering, society needs to be educated about HPV vaccinations.

Subject Area

Public health

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Ellison, Kimberly Anne, "Gardasil - What do women really think about it?" (2008). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI1450338.