The experience and meaning of injury among migrant farmworkers from Starr County, Texas

Dario Alejandro Oliphant, The University of Texas School of Public Health


Occupational injuries suffered by migrant farmworkers in the United States continue to be a significant byproduct of the hazards of the agricultural work sector. Although the fields of study involving occupational health and safety have helped to further an understanding of the importance of injury prevention in the workplace, farmworkers have typically not been the beneficiaries of significant improvement in working conditions; similarly, public health policies have generally not been successful in significantly improving their protection. The primary objective of this research was to examine more closely, through in-depth interviews, the underlying reasons attributed by migrant farmworkers to their having suffered occupational injuries. By re-contacting and re-interviewing migrant farmworkers who had reported injuries in a study entitled A Cohort Study of Injuries in Migrant Farmworker Families in South Texas, the current research study employed qualitative research methods and determined several reasons that may help to explain why this specific group has suffered injuries and may not have reported such injuries, as well as to consider what their experiences may say about injury prevention within the context of public health.

Subject Area

Occupational safety|Public health

Recommended Citation

Oliphant, Dario Alejandro, "The experience and meaning of injury among migrant farmworkers from Starr County, Texas" (2008). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI1457568.