Validating the dietary intake questions from the Tu Salud, ¡Sí Cuenta! questionnaire

Vanessa Gartrell, The University of Texas School of Public Health


Background. Poor nutrition is an important factor in the onset of obesity which is a growing problem in the United States that disproportionately affects Mexican-Americans. In order to form recommendations and effectively target nutrition in interventions it is necessary to have valid epidemiological tools to better understand dietary trends. Purpose. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the validity of the nutritional intake questions from the Tu Salud, ¡Sí Cuenta! Questionnaire in an adult Mexican-American population. Methods. Fifty participants in the Cameron County Hispanic Cohort were recruited into the validity study, which consisted of completing the Tu Salud, ¡Sí Cuenta! questionnaire and the 24-hour recall with a 2 hour time period between administrations. Responses were analyzed to determine the percent agreement, kappa statistic and Spearman rank order correlation. Results: Five items had good validity (>0.6), three items had fair validity (>0.4), and three items had poor validity (<0.4). In general, items that had low validity were those that were reported in low frequencies by study subjects. Overall, the Tu Salud, ¡Sí Cuenta! questionnaire showed good validity, making this questionnaire a valuable tool to assess the dietary intake patterns of this Mexican-American adult population.

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Gartrell, Vanessa, "Validating the dietary intake questions from the Tu Salud, ¡Sí Cuenta! questionnaire" (2009). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI1462405.