An intervention mapping approach: Identification of human trafficking victims by health professionals

Audra J Moore, The University of Texas School of Public Health


Background. Today modern day slavery is known as human trafficking and is a growing pandemic that is a grave human rights violation. Estimates suggest that 12.3 million people are working under conditions of force, fraud or coercion. Working toward eradication is a worthy effort; it would free millions of humans from slavery, mostly women and children, as well as uphold basic human rights. One tactic to eradicating human trafficking is to increase identification of victims among those likely to encounter victims of human trafficking. Purpose. This study aims to develop an intervention that improves certain stakeholders' ability, in the health clinic setting, to appropriately identify and report victims of human trafficking to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. Methods. The Intervention Mapping (IM) process was used by program planners to develop an intervention for health professionals. This methodology is a six step process that guides program planners to develop an intervention. Each step builds on the others through the execution of a needs assessment, and the development of matrices based on performance objectives and determinants of the targeted health behavior. The end product results in an ecological, theoretical, and evidence based intervention. Discussion. The IM process served as a useful protocol for program planners to take an ecological approach as well as incorporate theory and evidence into the intervention. Consultation with key informants, the planning group, adopters, implementers, and individuals responsible for institutionalization also contributed to the practicality and feasibility of the intervention. Program planners believe that this intervention fully meets recommendations set forth in the literature. Conclusions. The intervention mapping methodology enabled program planners to develop an intervention that is appropriate and acceptable to the implementer and the recipients.

Subject Area

Behavioral Sciences|Clinical psychology

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Moore, Audra J, "An intervention mapping approach: Identification of human trafficking victims by health professionals" (2010). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI1474743.