Biomedical informatics applications for epilepsy management: A systematic review

Angelique C Harding, The University of Texas School of Public Health


Epilepsy is a very complex disease which can have a variety of etiologies, co-morbidities, and a long list of psychosocial factors4. Clinical management of epilepsy patients typically includes serological tests, EEG's, and imaging studies to determine the single best antiepileptic drug (AED). Self-management is a vital component of achieving optimal health when living with a chronic disease. For patients with epilepsy self-management includes any necessary actions to control seizures and cope with any subsequent effects of the condition9; including aspects of treatment, seizure, and lifestyle. The use of computer-based applications can allow for more effective use of clinic visits and ultimately enhance the patient-provider relationship through focused discussion of determinants affecting self-management. The purpose of this study is to conduct a systematic literature review on informatics application in epilepsy self-management in an effort to describe current evidence for informatics applications and decision support as an adjunct to successful clinical management of epilepsy. Each publication was analyzed for the type of study design utilized. A total of 68 publications were included and categorized by the study design used, development stage, and clinical domain. Descriptive study designs comprised of three-fourths of the publications and indicate an underwhelming use of prospective studies. The vast majority of prospective studies also focused on clinician use to increase knowledge in treating patients with epilepsy. Due to the chronic nature of epilepsy and the difficulty that both clinicians and patients can experience in managing epilepsy, more prospective studies are needed to evaluate applications that can effectively increase management activities. Within the last two decades of epilepsy research, management studies have employed the use of biomedical informatics applications. While the use of computer applications to manage epilepsy has increased, more progress is needed.

Subject Area

Information Technology|Public health|Bioinformatics

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Harding, Angelique C, "Biomedical informatics applications for epilepsy management: A systematic review" (2011). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI1507998.