Unintended birth among Hispanic women in Texas: A descriptive analysis

Denise Vasquez, The University of Texas School of Public Health


Unintended birth is associated with adverse maternal and infant outcomes. In 2006, US Hispanics had the highest unintended birth rate (45 births/1000 women) compared to non-Hispanic whites (18/1000) and non-Hispanic blacks (37/1000). Among US states, Texas has one of the highest unintended pregnancy rates (62/1000 women aged 15-44 in 2006 versus 52/1000 women nationally). Unintended birth among Texas Hispanics has not been studied. The goal of this study is to analyze the prevalence of unintended birth among Texas Hispanics and identify associated characteristics. Using data from Hispanic participants in the Texas Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System 2009-2010, unintended birth was studied in relation to demographic, lifestyle and partner characteristics. Crude and adjusted prevalence odds ratios (POR) were computed for each characteristic. Logistic regression models adjusted for demographic and lifestyle characteristics. The weighted prevalence of unintended birth among Hispanic women in Texas was 49.5% (CI= 45.9-52.6), which is higher than the prevalence among US Hispanic women overall (42.9%). In adjusted analyses, women aged 12-19 compared to 20 years or older had a POR of 2.1 (CI=1.3-3.7). Unmarried (POR=1.5, CI=1.1-2.1) and uninsured (POR=1.7, CI=1.2-2.3) women also had higher prevalence compared to married and insured women, respectively. U.S versus foreign nativity carried a POR of 1.6 (CI=1.0-2.6). Among US-born women, being young, unmarried and psychologically stressed were associated with increased prevalence whereas among foreign-born women, lack of insurance and having a US- versus a foreign-born partner were also associated. Targeting young, single, uninsured and U.S born Hispanic women might enhance efforts to reduce unintended birth in Texas. More research is needed to understand the observed differences in unintended birth among U.S- and foreign-born Hispanic women.

Subject Area

Medicine|Womens studies|Hispanic American studies|Epidemiology

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Vasquez, Denise, "Unintended birth among Hispanic women in Texas: A descriptive analysis" (2013). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI1549846.