A process evaluation of the navigation component of an evidence based community health worker delivered health education program

Jacklyn Cheng, The University of Texas School of Public Health


Background/Objective: The evidence-based lay health worker (LHW) delivered breast and cervical cancer screening program, Cultivando la Salud (CLS) effectively increased mammography screening and Pap test screening in communities of Mexican-American farmworkers living in the United States-Mexico border area. In order to increase screening rates in Hispanic women in the Houston area, the CLS program was adapted to the Houston area. One product of the adaptation process was the development of a community-based navigation component that was implemented in order to provide personalized instrumental and informational support. The purpose of this study was to conduct and report the findings of a process evaluation of the navigation component of the CLS-adapted breast and cervical cancer prevention program for Hispanic women in Houston. Methods: The process evaluation utilized a mixed-methods approach, using both quantitative and qualitative analysis. IRB approval was embedded within the previously approved study through the UTHealth Committee. I collected quantitative data from a navigation electronic database "Plan de Acción" and the electronic "tracking master list" used by the navigators to summarize participant information and encounters. I conducted descriptive analysis of data from the navigation log using Excel and Stata. Qualitative analysis sources included three structured interviews with two LHWs and one key personnel. Interviews were transcribed and if necessary, translated. Data was examined and overarching themes emerged. Results and Conclusions: The evaluation described the navigation component of the adapted CLS program in the areas of context, reach, dose delivered/reached, and fidelity. The four areas of improvement for this adapted CLS program identified in this process evaluation included a more intensive navigator training, monitoring of follow-up protocols, monitoring tracking/documentation of calls, and staff size.

Subject Area

Public health|Health education

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Cheng, Jacklyn, "A process evaluation of the navigation component of an evidence based community health worker delivered health education program" (2014). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI1566305.