Assessing the impact of leadership on nurse job satisfaction and the desire for unionization in health care settings

Sammy Eugene Davis, The University of Texas School of Public Health


This dissertation focuses on the leadership styles of managers, the impact these leadership styles have on the job satisfaction of staff nurses, and the proclivity of nurses to consider unionization. The aims of the dissertation include conducting a literature review on topics of leadership style, job satisfaction, and unionization; identifying and elucidating pertinent constructs with respect to shared interrelationships and how they could be measured; and developing a means of assessing if and to what extent transformational and transactional leadership styles affect nurse proclivity to unionize. The instrumentation selected includes the Multifactor Leadership Survey, Job Satisfaction Survey, and a newly created Union Preference Survey. Each survey instrument was evaluated as to its appropriateness to administer at a non-consultant level within a health care facility. Options other than self-administering the survey instruments include online access for participants, which provides confidentiality and encourages more responses. The next part of the dissertation is a plan for health care facilities to use the survey tool by administering it themselves. The plan provides a general description of the survey tool, administering the instrument, rating the instrument, and leadership development. Integration of the three surveys is presented in a non-statistical format by coordinating the results of the three survey instrument responses. Recommendations are presented on how to improve leadership development warranted for improvement. The conclusions reached are that nurses’ preference for unions is influenced by the leadership style of direct report managers, as rated by staff nurses, and the nurses’ job satisfaction, which is in turn in part dependent on their managers’ leadership style. Thus, changes in leadership style can have a profound impact on nurse job satisfaction and on nurses’ preference for unionization.

Subject Area

Social psychology|Nursing|Health care management

Recommended Citation

Davis, Sammy Eugene, "Assessing the impact of leadership on nurse job satisfaction and the desire for unionization in health care settings" (2011). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI3464756.