A cohort study of occupational asbestos-exposure related neoplasms in Texas Gulf Coast area

Gholam R. M Zadeii, The University of Texas School of Public Health


A cohort study was conducted in Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast area on individual workers who have been exposed to asbestos for 15 years or more. Most of these workers were employed in petrochemical industries. Of the 15,742 subjects initially selected for the cohort study, 3,258 had positive chest X-ray findings believed to be related to prolonged asbestos exposure. These subjects were further investigated. Their work out included detailed medical and occupational history, laboratory tests and spirometry. One thousand eight-hundred and three cases with positive chest X-ray findings whose data files were considered complete at the end of May 1986 were analyzed and their findings included in this report. The prevalence of lung cancer and cancer of the following sights: skin, stomach, oropharyngeal, pancreas and kidneys were significantly increased when compared to data from Connecticut Tumor Registry. The prevalence of other chronic conditions such as hypertension, emphysema, heart disease and peptic ulcer was also significantly high when compared to data for the U.S. and general population furnished by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). In most instances the occurrence of cancer and the chronic ailment previously mentioned appeared to follow 15-25 years of exposure to asbestos.

Subject Area

Public health|Biostatistics

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Zadeii, Gholam R. M, "A cohort study of occupational asbestos-exposure related neoplasms in Texas Gulf Coast area" (1987). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI8809924.