Assessment of occupational exposures to organic chemicals in a plastics manufacturing facility

Alan Lynn Rosas, The University of Texas School of Public Health


The objective of this dissertation was to design and implement strategies for assessment of exposures to organic chemicals used in the production of a styrene-butadiene polymer at the Texas Plastics Company (TPC). Linear statistical retrospective exposure models, univariate and multivariate, were developed based on the validation of historical industrial hygiene monitoring data collected by industrial hygienists at TPC, and additional current industrial hygiene monitoring data collected for the purposes of this study. The current monitoring data served several purposes. First, it provided information on current exposure data, in the form of unbiased estimates of mean exposure to organic chemicals for each job title included. Second, it provided information on homogeneity of exposure within each job title, through the use of a carefully designed sampling scheme which addressed variability of exposure both between and within job titles. Third, it permitted the investigation of how well current exposure data can serve as an evaluation tool for retrospective exposure estimation. Finally, this dissertation investigated the simultaneous evaluation of exposure to several chemicals, as well as the use of values below detection limits in a multivariate linear statistical model of exposures.

Subject Area

Environmental science|Occupational safety|Statistics|Plastics

Recommended Citation

Rosas, Alan Lynn, "Assessment of occupational exposures to organic chemicals in a plastics manufacturing facility" (1992). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI9302798.