Perceived risk and outcome expectancy on the practice of home infusion technique in a hemophilia population

Brenda Lou Haile, The University of Texas School of Public Health


This study described home infusion techniques and practices, measured the perceived risk of HIV and hepatitis transmission to self and others, and measured the outcome expectancy of following risk reduction guidelines for 90 hemophilia patients and/or their infusion assistants. It also assessed general knowledge of HIV and hepatitis information for the same population. The study subjects were hemophilia patients or their infusion assistants from the Gulf States Hemophilia Center in Houston, the El Paso Satellite Hemophilia Clinic in El Paso, or Texas members of the Women Outreach Network of the National Hemophilia Foundation (WONN) group. Each subject was interviewed either by telephone or in person. The questionnaire used was developed for the study and consisted of 60 items. These items assessed general demographics for the patients and assistants, including questions about their training to do infusions as well as the actual practices, measured perceived personal risk for the transmission of HIV or hepatitis to the assistants, perceived risk of transmission of HIV or hepatitis to others for assistants and self-infusers, and the outcome expectancy for following recommended risk reduction guidelines also for both groups. The theoretical framework used assumed that perceived risk and outcome expectancy would be predictive of behavior. The findings did not support this theory. Instead, the findings suggest that infusion behavior is habitual in nature; most respondents perform exactly the same behavior for every infusion. Since none of the variables selected were predictive of the compliance behavior for home infusion the teaching method should be directed towards mastery learning, or learning that will incorporate the correct behavior into a habitual pattern of home infusion.

Subject Area

Public health|Health education|Health education

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Haile, Brenda Lou, "Perceived risk and outcome expectancy on the practice of home infusion technique in a hemophilia population" (1994). Texas Medical Center Dissertations (via ProQuest). AAI9528247.