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2019 Graduates Project Abstracts by Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth


2019 Graduates Project Abstracts by Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth


Download M. Andre - Implementation of Unit Based Safety Huddles to Improve the Culture of Safety (68 KB)

Download R. Armstrong - Timing of Newborn First Bath to Improve Outcomes and Reduce PreventableTransfers to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (80 KB)

Download J. Berry - Implementation of Post-Chemotherapy Symptom Management Phone Call to Decrease Emergency Room Visits and Hospital Administration (60 KB)

Download S. Bottomley - Optimizing the Electronic Interface of Pediatric Growth Charts to Enhance Care Delivery: A Quality Improvement Project (38 KB)

Download M. Broughton - Implementation of an Evidence-Based Risk Assessment Tool and Prophylactic Treatment Plan to Reduce Incidence of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (110 KB)

Download M. Cantazaro - Multidisciplinary Team Approach: Working Together to Improve Glycemic Control in Hispanic Adults with Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes (85 KB)

Download B. Cardoso-Harvey - Increasing Nurse Compliance with Bedside Barcode Specimen Collection Scanning Using Post-Implementation Evaluation Strategies (70 KB)

Download T. Christopher - Improving Workplace Violence Competency, Confidence, and Perceptions of Safety within an Emergency Department (112 KB)

Download K. Clark - Improving the Patient Experience in the Hematology/Oncology Procedure Suite by Addressing Patient Flow, Communication, and Staffing (115 KB)

Download D. Cline - Improving Employee Safety through De-escalation Training (114 KB)

Download S. Dean - Moments of Calm: A Pilot Program to Improve Relaxation in Hospitalized, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Patients (129 KB)

Download L. Edwards - Expansion of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurses' (APRN) Role in an Adult Ambulatory Oncology Setting (116 KB)

Download N. Escobedo - Streamlining Hazardous Drug Preparation to Improve Turnaround Time and Impact on Patient Experience (130 KB)

Download D. Garcia - Developing a Transition Program to Mobilize Clinicians to Engage Adolescent Patients in Health Care Transition Planning (66 KB)

Download J. Harrison - Improving Appointment Adherence in an Urban Pediatric Primary Care Site by Implementing Strategies to Reduces Missed Appointment Rate (64 KB)

Download A. Hernandez - Culture Matters: An Improvement Project to Increase Nurses' Transcultural Self-efficacy when Caring for Diverse Patient Populations (121 KB)

Download C. Iwuji - Increasing Breastmilk Scanning Compliance Rate in Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses (62 KB)

Download V. Kastner - The Use of Education to Improve Nurses' Involvement in Rounds (147 KB)

Download C. Kwok - Decreasing the Incidence of Corneal Abrasions in Recovery (134 KB)

Download R. Lopez - Increasing Adherence with Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests in a Disadvantaged Population (107 KB)

Download M. Lyons - Putting the Nurse into Nursing: A Breastfeeding Program for New Maternity Nurses (109 KB)

Download A. Martinez - A Process to Increase Appropriate Visits in a Medical Oncology Clinic (144 KB)

Download P. McArthur - Breastfeeding Promotion via Patient Portal (121 KB)

Download D. Nwokolo - Improving Quality of Transitional Care through Patient Care Coordinators (146 KB)

Download P. Rieger - Promoting Engagement of Nurses in a Professional Association through Optimizing the Use of Social Media (119 KB)

Download V. Roberson-Rose - Decision Support Coupled with Restrictive Blood Transfusion Guidelines Decreases Red Blood Cell Disorders in A Community Hospital (104 KB)

Download J. Sanders - Improving Workplace Violence Competency, Confidence, and Perceptions of Safety within an Emergency Department (120 KB)

Download S. Stafford - Improving Perception of Empowerment in Acute Care Nurse Managers (93 KB)

Download C. Stapleton - Decreasing Incidence of Postoperative Corneal Abrasions (118 KB)

Download L. Thomas - Improving Usability of Electronic Health Record Alerts for Nurses Using a Heuristic Checklist (124 KB)

Download L. Triche - Implementation of a Treatment Summary in Survivors of Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma (70 KB)

Download J. Ugochukwu - Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores Regarding Discharge Information and Overall Patient Experience Utilizing Discharge Checklist/Teach Back Method (143 KB)

Download J. Ward - Structured Discharge Process for Hospitalized Children with Renal Disease: Implementations of a Standardized Discharge Education Pathway (58 KB)

Download E. Weber - Implementation of a Standardized Discharge Pathway for Hospitalized Children with Renal Disease (110 KB)

Download C. West - Workflow Process Change Using Bispectral Index Monitoring for Pediatric Patients Requiring Anesthesia (102 KB)

Download A. Yarbrough - Implementation of Survivorship Care Plans Focused on Sarcoma Patients in the Child and Adolescent Oncology Clinic (98 KB)


The Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth proudly presents the DNP Project abstracts for the 2019 Class of DNP Graduates.

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Spring 2019


Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth


Houston, Tx


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2019 Graduates Project Abstracts by Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth