Doctor of Nursing Practice Projects



Download Abstracts Below (126 KB)

Download A. Adair - Implementing a Critical Incident Debriefing Team (CIDT) in the Obstetric Care Area: A Quality Improvement Project (90 KB)

Download C. Adams - Decreasing Healthcare Associated Infections with Ultraviolet Technology: A Process Improvement Project (103 KB)

Download M. Berghauer - Improving Surgical Patient Safety Outcomes: Implementation of an EvidenceBased Fluid Documentation Flowsheet and an Anesthesia Cognitive Aid in Cystoscopic Procedures (26 KB)

Download C. Carrillo-Gutierez - CareConnect Initiative for Improved Quality of Care for Stroke Patients Transitioning from the Hospital to Home Environment (65 KB)

Download T. Earles - Improving Adherence to Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Guidelines in an Oncology Setting (138 KB)

Download S. Glazer - Decreasing Length of Stay by Utilizing a Code Sepsis in the Emergency Department (97 KB)

Download K. Hill - Stopping Falls in Their Tracts: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Decrease Falls in Post-Hospitalized Medicare Advantage Patients (249 KB)

Download H. Hodges -Emergency Department Throughput: Improving Efficiencies in a Level I Trauma Center with Lean Management Strategies (62 KB)

Download A. Hubbard - Improving Outcomes with Bedside Shift Report (110 KB)

Download D. Ikpeme - Remote Monitoring of Blood Pressure Through Patient Engagement: A Telemedicine Process Improvement Project (77 KB)

Download B. Johnson - Improving Restraint Utilization, Nurse Knowledge, and Management of Behavioral and Self-Destructive Patients in the Acute Care Setting (91 KB)

Download J. Kaplan - The Impact of Post-discharge Follow-up Phone Calls by Nurse Practitioners on All-Cause Hospital Readmission Rates in the Neurosurgical Patient Population (55 KB)

Download N. Luongo - Standardization of Ocular Care Practice for the Prevention of Corneal Abrasions in the Perianesthesia Period (78 KB)

Download H. Mansy - Standardization of the Treatment of Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections (1.9 MB)

Download L. Norman - Cultivating the Next Generation of New Graduate Nurses Through Innovative Nurse Manager and Director Support Processes (36 KB)

Download T. Page - Reducing Chest X-Ray Utilization in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care unit by Implementing a Provider Ordering Protocol (132 KB)

Download M. Richards - Effective Use of Instructional Videos to Enhance Knowledge, Clinical Skills, and Improve Documentation of Emergency Room Nurses (91 KB)

Download L. Summons - Improving Nursing Informaticist Competency in the Workforce: An Online Staff Development Module for a Specific Skill-Workflow Analysis (186 KB)

Download C. Taylor - An Evidence-Based Practice Approach to Prevent Falls in an Adult Inpatient Acute Care Setting (39 KB)

Download B. Wells - Implementing an Electronic Discharge Checklist in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (78 KB)

Download P. Wills Bagnato - Development of a Mentorship Program for a Pathway to Promotion for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) in a Pediatric Cancer Center (101 KB)


The Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth proudly presents the DNP Project abstracts for the 2020 Class of DNP Graduates.

Publication Date

Winter 12-2020


Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth


Houston, TX


Doctor of Nursing Practice



2020 Graduates Project Abstracts by Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth

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