Doctor of Nursing Practice Projects



Download Abstracts Below (137 KB)

Download S.Ali - Improving the Intake Process for Incoming Service Requests for the Analytics and Reporting Department (44 KB)

Download T. Alvarez - Improving the Quality Measures of Depression Screening for Adult Patients in a Family Practice Clinic (123 KB)

Download L. Anderson - Reducing Stress in Parents of Children Diagnosed with ADHD: A Quality Improvement Project (230 KB)

Download N. Archer - Combatting Incivility and Bullying in Health Care: Effects of a Targeted Evidenced Based Program in a Perioperative Department (48 KB)

Download B. Azeez - Increasing the Number of Kept Appointments to a Lifestyle Modification Program for Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Women with a BMI >25 (64 KB)

Download R. Benjamin - Mulicomponent Intervention to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Federally Qualified Health Center Serving a Homeless Population (73 KB)

Download R. Bingham - The Impact of a Checklist on Quality Patient Care and the Reduction of Clinic Visit Times in Pediatric Patients with Neurofibromatosis Type I (NF1) (132 KB)

Download C. Cains - Implementation of a Structured Communication Tool to Improve Patient Safety in Hospitalized Women and Children (115 KB)

Download H. Cherry - Combating Incivility in Health Care: Effects of a Targeted Evidence-Based Program in a NICU (114 KB)

Download N. Chukwumerije - Improving Nephropathy Screening in Prison Inmates with Diabetes at a Primary Care Clinic (114 KB)

Download C. Dziuk - Reducing Expense and Improving Outcomes: Identification and Management of Post-Hospital Depression in the Elderly (2.0 MB)

Download J. Eapen - Implemetation of an Intraoperative Glucose Management Clinical Decision Support System in the Electronic Health Record (130 KB)

Download E. Fisher - Implementing a Structured TeamSTEPPS Tool to Improve Communication in an Ambulatory Clinic Setting (68 KB)

Download B. Jaiyeola - Improving Time to Antibiotics in Possible Septic Neonates in the Pediatric Emergency Room (74 KB)

Download S. Joseph - Implementation of an Anesthesia Suppy Checklist in Intervention Radiology for Lung Cryoablation Cases (170 KB)

Download K. Lang - Improving the Culture of Safety in an Ambulatory Care Center: Implementing an Outcome Based Communication Process (153 KB)

Download B. Lockmiller - Improved Controlled Substance Waste Verification (342 KB)

Download A. Moreno - Increasing the Detection of Childhood Obesity: A Quality Improvement Project in a South Texas Family Practice Clinic (68 KB)

Download I. Nnebedum - Improving the User's Experience with Allscripts Electronic Health Record (HER) Nested Forms: A Quality Improvement Project (134 KB)

Download M. Okpala - Proactive Communication Approach to Increase Compliance with Outpatient Imaging Completion (78 KB)

Download M. Sunna - The Use of Telehealth Adjuncts for Preanesthetic Evaluation to Improve Operating Room Efficiency (52 KB)

Download D. Tanner Brown - Teambuilding in a Pediatric Acute Care Unit and the Perceptional Impact on Psychological Safety (111 KB)

Download M. Thomas - Implementing Mindfulness-Based Interventions to Reduce Perceived Stress in Correctional Officers Who Work in a Large County Jail (102 KB)

Download E. Tomongha - The Use of a Standardized Intubation Checklist to enhance the intubation experience in the Intensive Care Unit (117 KB)

Download J. Vera - Case Study: A community Hospital's Response to a Pandemic (149 KB)

Download K. White - Nurse Perceptions of Mindfulness Programs in a Pediatric intensive Care Unit (74 KB)

Download A. Williams - Implementation of Standardized Text Messaging Technology to Improve Patient Satisfaction, Related to Delays in the Ambulatory Surgery Setting (99 KB)


The Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth proudly presents the DNP Project abstracts for the 2021 Class of DNP Graduates.

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Spring 2021


Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth Houston


Houston, TX



2021 Graduates Project Abstracts by Cizik School of Nursing at  UTHealth Houston

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