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Download Abstracts Below (146 KB)

Download G. Adams - Piloting a Tailored Readiness to Discharge Process to Prepare Parents of Infants with Apnea/Bradycardia Episodes for Discharge (101 KB)

Download C. Adiukwu - Implementing Mobile Mindfulness to Reduce Perceived Stress Among Health Science Students (99 KB)

Download J. Alemar - Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Effects on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (97 KB)

Download B. Bisong - The Implementation of Manometer to Monitor Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure and Decrease Post-Operative Sore Throat (65 KB)

Download T. Blanton - Aromatherapy Protocol for Pain Reduction in Hospice Patients (205 KB)

Download C. Boney - Implementation of the IPASS Handoff Tool to Reduce Procedural Cancelations in an Inpatient Pulmonary Consult Service (39 KB)

Download N. Brathwaite - Implementing the IPASS Hand off Tool to Decrease Delayed Paracentesis in an Interventional Radiology Pre-Operative Unit (130 KB)

Download K. Bullard - Implementation of a Best Practice Advisory to Improve Intraoperative Glucose Monitoring (40 KB)

Download B. Burke - Increasing Supportive Medicine Consults in the MICU: A Quality Improvement Project (124 KB)

Download S. Cameron - Scheduled Activities to Improve Social Interaction and Cognition in the Homebound Elderly (101 KB)

Download R. Castillo - Implementation of a Dedicated Team to Reduce Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI) in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (35 KB)

Download J. Clark - Combating Alarm Fatigue to Improve Veteran Safety in the Critical Care Unit (91 KB)

Download B. Cross - Expressing Gratitude to Improve Well-Being in Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (54 KB)

Download A. Daniel - Utilizing Communication Boards with Mechanically Ventilated Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery to Help Improve Communication (100 KB)

Download N. Egu - A Process Improvement to Redesign an E-Visit Workflow (85 KB)

Download A. Fomunyoh - Improving Self-Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in an African American Community (88 KB)

Download M. Gatmaitan - Robotic Process Automation to Produce Accurate Reliable Data for a Quality Balanced Scorecard: Aprocess improvement Project (67 KB)

Download N. Guirand Ezedu - Dunn 8 Lavender Room: An Intervention to Evaluate Nurse's Perceived Stress (99 KB)

Download L. Hambaugh - Reduction of Infant Heelstick Procedures Through Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer Implementation (128 KB)

Download M. Hext - Impact of an Educational Intervention and Process Improvement for Provider Screening and Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder (45 KB)

Download F. Holguin - DNP Project: Improving Personal Protective Ewuipment Use while Caring for Patients in Airborne/ Droplet Isolation (59 KB)

Download S. Hyder - Improving the Case Mix Index in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patients by Implementing a Documentation Pathway (117 KB)

Download A. Johnson - Improving Job Satisfaction During the Covid-19 Pandemic (111 KB)

Download M. Johnson - Implementing a Nephropathy Screening Process in Adult Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Hypertension in Primary Care (96 KB)

Download J. Justice - Standardizing Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Exit-Site Care in the Chronic Home Dialysis Pediatric Patient Population: A Quality Improvement Project (87 KB)

Download L. Kasper - Reducing Patient Handoff Delays Between Receiving Hospital and Aire Rescue Ambulance (950 KB)

Download M. Kurian - Antibiotic Stewardship Program in Pediatric Urgent Care (91 KB)

Download A. Lam - Prevention of Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections Through Improved Hygiene Practices in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (66 KB)

Download T. Laury - Safe, Efficient, & Patient-Centered Opioid Prescribing at Discharge After Lung Resection by Implementing an Opioid Stewardship Program (76 KB)

Download O. Layinka - Creating a Best Practice Alert in an Electronic Medical Record (92 KB)

Download A. Lopez - Implementing a Baby Steps QR Code and Infographic to Promote Parent Bonding and Caregiving in the NICU (71 KB)

Download J. Mills - Safeguarding Patient Identity: Reducing Instances of Patient Misidentification in the Electronic Health Record (35 KB)

Download M. Moore - Discharge Phone Calls: An Approach to Reducing 30-Day Readmission Rates Following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (638 KB)

Download C. Ononogbu - Implementing a Glycemic Protocol in the Post-Anesthesia Care (59 KB)

Download N. Patel - Uniform and Traceable Discharge Education for Women of Childbearing Age Following Administration of Sugammadex (998 KB)

Download R. Pittard - Implementing Anxiety and Depression Screening in the ICU (102 KB)

Download E. Prieto - Implementation of an Anxiety and Depression Screening Tool to Improve Detection in a Primary Care Setting (62 KB)

Download S. Rahmatinick - Nurse Clinician III Council to Improve Employee Engagement (114 KB)

Download S. Rangel - A primary Care Intervention for Hispanic Families with Obese Children (89 KB)

Download J. Sammons - Increasing the Feedings of Mother's Own Milk at Discharge from the NICU (1.0 MB)

Download L. Stark - Reducing Readmission Rates by Intervening Based on Risk Category (99 KB)

Download B. Sweeney - Enhanced Recovery After Cesarean Section: A Quality Improvement Project (683 KB)

Download J. Thorpe - Addressing Social Determinants of Health in High-Risk OB Patients (104 KB)

Download M. Thundiyil - Early Pallative Care Team Integration in the Care of Neonates with Trisomy 13 and 18 to Improve Interdisciplinary Communication (83 KB)

Download E. Whalen - Anxiety and Depression Screening to Identify At-Risk Youth: A Quality Improvement Project in a Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic (100 KB)

Download A. Wollam - Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection Prevention in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (48 KB)

Download B. Yalala - Implementation of a Palliative Care Screening Tool in High-Risk Chronic Care Patients (58 KB)

Download K. N. Young - Behavioral Resource Nurse: Improving Nursing Staff Confidence with Behavioral Events (102 KB)

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2023 Graduates Project Abstracts by Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth Houston

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