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Second Edition.

  • Pp.5-61 General Surgical Necessities, Gauze, Antiseptic Sundries, Surgical Sundries, Rubber Bandages, Catheters, Bougies, Splints, Tents, Emergency Bags, Surgeon's Needles, Operating Instruments, Amputating, Forceps, Aspiration, Cases, Catheters and Directors, Pocket Case Instruments, Dissecting and Post-Mortem
  • Pp.62-118 General Operating - Osteotomy, Mastoid, Trephining, Eye Instruments, Aural, Nasal, Mouth and Throat, Tooth Forceps, Laryngoscopic Sets, Hydraulic Air Compressor, Variocele, Genito Urinary
  • Pp. 119-167 Genito Urinary-Lithotrity, Alimentary, Anal and Rectal, Gynaecological, Pessaries, Microscopes, Syringes
  • Pp.168-205 Chemical Apparatus and Glassware, Physician's Cabinets, Office Furniture, Operating Chairs and Tables, Hospital Beds, Cautery, Electrolytic, Batteries
  • Pp.206-246 Cases, Varicose, Braces, Abdominal Supporters, Trusses, Invalid Chairs and Supplies, Sterilizers, Saddle-Bags, Deformity Apparatus
  • Advertisements: Bandages, Abdominal Supporters, Rubber Supplies, Bags, Batteries, Cotton, Microscopes, Hypodermic Tablets, Atomizers, Furniture, Sterilizers, Syringes

Publication Date



John F. Worley, Printing and Blank Books


Dallas, Texas


A.P. Cary (Firm), Commercial Catalogs, Equipment and Supplies, Surgical Instruments, Texas


Medicine and Health Sciences

Cary's Illustrated and Priced Catalogue: Surgical Instruments, Physicians, Hospital Supplies, and Furnishings, Druggist Sundries, Etc.