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  • Section "A": Dissecting and Post-Mortem Instruments Diagnostic Instruments and Apparatus Microscopes and Microscopic Accessories Laboratory Apparatus and Glass Ware Apparatus for Blood and Urine Analysis Apparatus for Phlebotomy, Cupping and Leeching Apparatus for Infusion and Transfusion Syringes for Aspiration and Injection Osteological Preparations
  • Section "B": Anaesthetic, General Operating, Osteotomy, Trepanning, Bullet, Pocket Case, Cautery, Ligatures, Sutures, Dressings, Etc.
  • Section "B" continued
  • Section "C": Eye, Ear, Nasal, Dermal, Oral, Tonsil, Tracheal, Laryngeal,Esophageal, Stomach, Intestinal, Gall Bladder
  • Section "C": continued
  • Section "D": Rectal, Phimosis, Prostatic, Vesical, Urethral, Ureteral, Instruments
  • Section "E": Gynecic, Hysterectomy, Obstetrical, Instrument Satchels, Medicine Cases
  • Section "F": Electric Cautery Transformers, Electro-Cautery Burners and Accessories, Electric Current Controllers, Electro-Diagnostic Outfits, Electrolysis Instruments Electro-Therapeutic Lamps, Faradic Batteries, Galvanic Batteries
  • Section "G": Office Furniture, Office Sterilizing Apparatus, Hospital Supplies, Surgical Rubber Goods, Sick Room Utensils, Invalid Rolling Chairs, Invalid Supplies
  • Section "H": Artificial Limbs, Deformity Apparatus, Fracture Apparatus, Splints, Splint Material, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Supporters, Crutches, Trusses, Suspensories, Etc.
  • Index

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A.P.Cary Company


Dallas, Texas


A.P. Cary (Firm), Commercial Catalogs, Equipment and Supplies, Surgical Instruments, Texas


Medicine and Health Sciences

Illustrated Catalogue of Standard Surgical Instruments and Allied Lines