Meningioma, 1943

In his presentation Brain Tumor Surgical Mortality-- Forty Years Experience to the American Academy of Neurological Surgery in 1981, Dr. James Greenwood Jr. described the largest brain tumor he had ever removed:

<blockquote>During the course of the operation...the patient said that she was going to die. Her blood pressure dropped dangerously low, and her pulse rate was rapid. I angrily told her that she had no guts and no sense of responsibility for her six young children. Whereupon she cursed me profoundly; her blood pressure returned to near normal, and the operation continued to a successfully conclusion with the help of a small transfusion. Of incidental interest is the fact that the patient was unable to pay my fee which was only $300, but seventeen years later, still living and well, she paid in full.</blockquote>

MS029 James Greenwood Sr and Jr. MDs papers (Series 2 Box 3 Folder 24), John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library