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The McGovern Historical Center (MHC) is the historical and special collections department for The TMC Library. The MHC maintains rare book and archival collections. Artificial collections have been created to provide access to materials without clear provenance in order to increase discoverability. Soon after his arrival in Houston, Dr. McGovern became one of the Library’s most staunch supporters, annually supplying funds for the purchase of rare books and travel support for the librarians to attend meetings of the American Association for the History of Medicine. In 1977, The Library formed a new department with new quarters to collect historical materials and to enhance the rare book collections. In 1982, Dr. McGovern donated his personal collection of rare and historical books to the Library. In 1996 the Library’s Board of Directors named the historical department in his honor.


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Seated at left is a resident from Iraq, Dr. Mohamed Aba Tabik (Dr. Mo), standing is Dr. Luther Vaughn, seated facing the light stand is Dr. William Owsley. [McGovern Historical Center, Gift of Dr. Luther M. Vaughn, Photo Files, Medical Equipment and Apparatus, Hermann Hospital X-ray equipment, 1953] See more at its finding aid.


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