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Medical Arts Publishing Foundation was a brainchild of Dr. R. Lee Clark, president of M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center (1946-1978). Through collaboration between Dr. Clark and Russell W. Cumley, the publishing company developed the Cancer Bulletin in 1948 as a fun, visual and entertaining medical journals to draw attention to the history of cancer research. Their initial vision was to create a “highly readable pictorial magazine for the general practitioner” that would increase early diagnosis of cancer. Other publications, Heart Bulletin in 1952 and Psychiatric Bulletin in 1951, followed that highlighted the history and studies in cardiology and psychiatry. Each publication had its own distinct style and motif. Joseph F. Schwarting was the Art Director and principle artist for all publications. The group of artists were based international and locally in Houston. Other artists include Eva Marie Schubart, Imelda Schubart, Peter Spier, Jo Spier, George Shackelford, Mary Shackelford, and Joseph Doeve. Medical Arts Publishing Foundation also published the regional journal, Medical Record and Annuals, with Joe Schwarting creating the cover art.


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July/August 1956




Mixed media (ink, graphite, color pencil) on bristol paper. The illustration entitled, “Varicose Veins #2 and 5" features a drawing of an upside down leg with a tourniquet applied. Varicose veins are present. It appeared in The Heart Bulletin July-August 1956 issue on page 73. There are publication markings. The reverse side has notes written with blue ink, "THB July Aug 1956." See more at Medical Arts Publishing Foundation Records: The Heart Bulletin and its finding aid.


Digital image made available by Texas Medical Center Library


Medical illustration, Varicose veins, Saphenous vein, illustrations (layout features), works of art


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