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The John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center is named after a great patron of medicine and the humanities. John P. McGovern, MD (1921-2007) was recognized internationally as an American physician, researcher, historian, author, philosopher, humanitarian and philanthropist. He was the author or coauthor of twenty-two books and 247 publications, and served as the editor or member of editorial boards of more than twenty scientific journals. Dr. McGovern was the recipient of numerous awards and the holder of seventeen professorships. The American Medical Association presented him with the Special Award for Meritorious Service and said he was truly a giant in American Medicine.


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May 14, 1980




Texas Medical Center, Montreal (Quebec), Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore (MD), Oxford (England), Sir William Osler (1849-1919), McGill University, Osler Library, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Oxford, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library, Elizabeth White, Medical Community Television System, audiovisual materials, videotapes, lectures


Thi 3/4” U-Matic tape contains a lecture titled, "Sir William Osler: On the Student, Teacher, Libraries, and Medicine " by John P. McGovern, MD. The lecture took place May 14, 1980, and it was a part of the series “Conversations with the Past.” The recording runs 49:12 with about 48 minutes of lecture content. According to the credits, it was a Medical Community Television System Production. The recording is a duplication, in color, with stereo sound. See more at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Records and its finding aid.


Digital copy made available by Texas Medical Center Library. Digitization supported by South Central Academic Medical Libraries Consortium (SCAMeL) Speedy Startup funds, 2022.