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Mr. Baker is a former President of Humble Oil & Refining Company, He recalls his education in a rural school and the home study required to secure entrance credits into the University of Texas, part of which he earned by passing the examination for a teacher's certificate. Graduating with academic and law degrees, Mr. Baker practiced for a time before joining Humble Oil & Refining Company in 1919.


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September 21, 1973




Fund raising, Place access points, Houston (TX), Big Valley (TX), Medina (TX), Harry Stack Sullivan (1892-1949 ), sound recordings, interviews


Hines H. Baker. Interviewed by Don Macon. Mr. Baker, former President of Humble Oil & Refining Company, reviews his long association there and later with Standard Oil. He tells of his early life on farms in Big Valley and Medina, Texas and the basis of his decision to become a lawyer. He discusses his participation in the Ex-Student Association and the Development Board of the University of Texas, his membership on the Board of TMC, Inc. and his work with the Houston Chamber of Commerce and their successful fundraising campaign for construction in the Texas Medical Center. Mr. Baker reveals his love for his family and his church. He pays tribute to the University of Texas for the important part it played in his life as he says what education means.See more at Texas Medical Center Historical Resources Project Records and its finding aid.


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