Jared E. Clarke

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World War, 1914-1918, Texas Medical Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library


Jared E. Clarke, MD. Interview by Don Macon. Dr. Clarke, long time Houston physician, discusses his personal family history and his interest in medicine due to physicians in his family. He discusses his education and noted that he knew Dr. Bertner at the University of Texas Medical branch in Galveston although he was two years behind him, graduating in 1913. Dr. Clarke spoke of the hospital facilities in Houston after his return from World War I and the services of doctors prior to the era of the founding and development of the Texas medical Center. Dr. Clarke talked about the founding of the Houston Academy of Medicine and the beginnings of the library now housed in the Jesse H. Jones - TMC Library building. See more at


Digital copies made available by the Texas Medical Center Library.