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Dr. Frederick C. Elliott was born in Pittsburg, Kansas on October 26, 1893. He worked for a short time as a pharmacist.

Houston became Dr. Elliott's home in 1932 when he accepted a Professorship of Dental Prosthesis and Deanship at the Texas Dental College. He was instrumental in getting the Texas Dental College to become part of the University of Texas System. From 1943 to 1952 he served in both academic and administrative posts in the University's School of Dentistry.

Dr. Elliott's vision, dedication and perseverance were instrumental in the growth and development of the Texas Medical Center. He campaigned tirelessly on behalf of the Dental Branch and the Texas Medical Center. Under his leadership as Executive Director and Secretary of the Board of Directors, 1952-1963 over $120 million dollars of capital improvements were planned and completed. Even after his retirement Dr. Elliott continued to lend support and encouragement to the Texas Medical Center.

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July 23, 1973




Texas Medical Center, Don N. Macon, MDA-TV (Television station : Houston, TX), University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Dental Branch, Ernst William Bertner, Houston Chamber of Commerce, William B. Bates


Part 2 of this series covers Dr. Elliott's activities from 1932, when he became Dean of the Texas Dental College, until 1943 when the school was brought into the University of Texas System as the Dental Branch in Houston. Dr. Elliott served on numerous health committees such as the Houston Board of Health and the Public health Commission of the Houston Chamber of Commerce. The image of the Texas Dental College changed from a place that only trained dentists to a health education and awareness institution. During these years Dr. Elliott met Col. William B. Bates who was Chairman of the School Board and Dr. E. W. Bertner who also served on the Houston Board of Health. Efforts to make the Texas Dental College a state school were revived in 1939. House Bill #278 was passed in 1943, and the University of Texas Dental Branch came into being on September 1st. of that year. See more at Texas Medical Center Historical Resources Project Records and its finding aid.


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