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Mental illness, Mental health, Mental health services, Mental health education, Mental health facilities, Child mental health, Child mental health services, Mental health personnel and patient, Mental health--Research, Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Workers, Diagnostic Equipment, Houston (TX), Junior League of Houston, University of Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, Methodist Hospital (Houston, TX), Jefferson Davis Hospital (Houston, TX), Esmé Patterson Gunn, Arnold Bergene, James L. Bauer, Frederick W. Smith, Julia Arnold Schnapp, Sadie Cowin Blackbusn, Evelyn Houston, motion pictures (visual works), film (material by form)


This video by the Junior League of Houston presents the findings of the League’s Mental Health Study Group convened in January 1957 to look at mental health services in Houston, Texas. The group points out problems including understaffing, lack of training opportunities, and limited facilities. At the time only Baylor University College of Medicine and the University of Houston had programs to train mental health professionals. In addition there were long wait times for mental health patients to be seen at hospitals. The Study Group suggests that the university programs need to be expanded to attract more mental health students and facilities need more funding. The video covers mental health services for both adults and children in Houston. The video also mentions the shifting idea that mental illness is a disease and talks about the emerging research that is being done. See more at Films on Mental Health Provided by Bill Schnapp and its finding aid.


"Help Wanted" was produced in the mid 1950's by The Junior League of Houston. League members Julia Schnapp, Sadie Cowin Blackbusn and Evelyn Houston were instrumental in the creation of them film.