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  • The National Library of Medicine and the Continuing Legacy of Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. (Stephen B. Greenberg)
  • The Legacy of William Osler: North America’s most famous physician (Robert E. Rakel)
  • A Lady Alone: Elizabeth Blackwell: First American Woman Doctor (Linda Gray Kelley, Charlton)
  • A Mariner with Crippling Arthritis and Bleeding Eyes: The Chronic Arthritis of Christopher Columbus (Frank C. Arnett)
  • Generation C(affeine): A History of Caffeine Consumption and its Medical Implications (Student Essay Contest winners) (Priti Dangayach)
  • Our Artificial Fitness? Relaxed Selection Leads to Medical Dependence (Student Essay Contest winners) Philip Boone
  • Remembering John P. McGovern, M.D. (1921-2007) (Bryant Boutwell)
  • Who Was Albert Schweitzer? (Bryant Boutwell)
  • Disease, Doctors and the Duty to Treat in American History (Thomas R. Cole)
  • Vaccinating Freedom: The African-American Experience of Smallpox Prophylaxis in Old Philadelphia, 1723-1923 (Dayle B. Delancey)
  • The Royal Hemophilia (The Royal Hemophilia)



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