• "Medicine: Perspectives in History and Art" (Robert E. Greenspan)
  • Eight Practical Lessons from Osler That Will Better Your Life (Bryan Boutwell)
  • History of the American Mental Hospital: From networking to not working & Back (Ed Fann)
  • Ambiguities and Amputations: Methods, mishaps, and the surgical quest to cure breast cancer (Student Essay Contest Winner) (Matt Luedke)
  • An Automated, Algorithmic, Retrospective Analysis of the Growing Influence of Statistics in Medicine (Student Essay Contest Winner) (Ryan Rochat)
  • What’s Special about William Osler? (Charles S. Bryan)
  • The Virtuous Physician: Lessons from Medical Biography (Charles S. Bryan)
  • Legacy: 50 Years of Loving Care – The History of Texas Children’s Hospital, 1954-2004 (Betsy Parish)
  • The Education of a University President: Edgar Odell Lovett of Rice University (John B. Boles)
  • Artists and Illness: The Effect of Illness on an Artist’s Work (David Bybee)



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