Entire issue (large pdf file)

Articles include:

  • Improving Family Functioning through Family Preservation Services: Results of the Los Angeles Experiment. Family Preservation Journal. William Meezan and Jacquelyn McCroskey
  • Idiographic Self-Monitoring Instruments to Empower Client Participation and Evaluate Outcome in Intensive Family Preservation Services. Barbara Peo Early
  • Evaluating Family Preservation in Nevada: A University-State Agency Collaboration. Christine Bitoni and Joy Salmon
  • The Family Partners Credit Card: A Token Economy System Adapted for Intensive Family Preservation Services to Enable Families to Manage Difficult Behavior of Adolescents. Jude Nichols and Barbara Peo Early
  • Toward the Development of Ethical Guidelines for Family Preservation. David A Dosser Jr., Richard J. Shaffer, Michaux M. Shaffer, DeVault Clevenger, and Dustin K. Jefferies