Drs. Pfeffer and Sanborn (JFS) conducted interviews with Texas politicians Adrian Garcia, former Houston City Councilmember and Sheriff of Harris County, Texas, and Texas State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr., to discuss the role that Latino voters play in the electoral process on both the state and national scale. Interviews have been edited for clarity.

Author Biography

Dr. Pfeffer is an assistant professor of criminal justice at the University of Houston – Downtown. Her research focuses generally on the victimization of vulnerable populations, including victims with special needs and victims of human trafficking and hate crimes. Her current research focuses on public policies addressing prostitution, both in terms of the buying and selling of sex, and specifically investigates effective law enforcement response to the problem of prostitution. As a research associate at Northeastern University’s Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research, she managed two National Institute of Justice-funded studies about human trafficking: one about the barriers to the successful identification and prosecution of human trafficking cases in the United States, and one about the experiences of labor trafficking victims in this country. She recently completed an assessment of the local response to human trafficking in Houston for the Mayor’s Office and is currently working with the Houston Police Department to better understand the problem of prostitution in the city by collecting more comprehensive data and utilizing it to reframe the law enforcement response.

Dr. Sanborn is a noted leader, advocate, and activist for education and children and the President and CEO of CHILDREN AT RISK. Dr. Sanborn earned his undergraduate degree at Florida State University and his doctorate at Columbia University in New York City. Before entering the nonprofit sector, he had a distinguished career in higher education at institutions such as Rice University and Hampshire College. He has worked and served as a senior leader with many organizations, always bringing with him a focus on innovation, collaborations with like-minded groups, resources of developing partnerships, and a belief that all children deserve extraordinary opportunities to succeed.