This review identify the strong points Alison Brysk and Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick make about Human Trafficking. Their book "From Human Trafficking to Human Rights: Re-framing Contemporary Slavery" aims at correcting the current view the world has on the subject. They claim that this is the first step to end human trafficking because it correctly identifies the issues and causes. This review will reveal weather the Authors have significant evidence to support their claims.

Author Biography

Neyerlin Valerio is a passionate Criminal Justice major at the University of Houston-Downtown. She is scheduled to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology in Fall 2018 and pursue her master’s Degree. She currently manages her family’s business however, she is determined to apply her knowledge to contribute in the Criminal Justice field. She loves every aspect of the field including law enforcement, management, and policy making. Her dream is to make a distinguishing difference.