Entire issue (large pdf file)

Articles include:

  • Behavior Problems of Maltreated Children Receiving In-Home Child Welfare Services. Ferol Mennen, William Meezan, Gino Aisenberg, and Jacquelyn McCroskey
  • Measuring Consumer Satisfaction in Family Preservation Services: Identifying Instrument Domains. Stephen A. Kapp and Rebecca H Vela
  • Intensive In-Home Family-Based Services: Reactions from Consumers and Providers Elaine Walton, and Alfred C. Dodini Coordination of Family Preservation Services in a Rural Community: A Case Study. Richard Freer and Kathleen Wells
  • The Effectiveness of Court Mandated Intervention Versus Voluntary Services in Child Protective Services: Abbreviated Version. Loring Jones, Irene Becker, and Krista F alk