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Health professions education (HPE) has increasingly used “boot camps” as a promising approach to prepare learners for the transition to their next educational level (e.g. medical students entering residency) or before entering a specific field. However, current boot camp guidelines have not been widely developed or accepted and may have even strayed into different concepts.


To explore current practices of boot camps as an educational activity to transition into a new level of training or a new field in HPE.


Medical and education databases will be searched for studies reporting on boot camps. We will achieve our goal by 1) exploring the depth and breadth of evidence that characterizes boot camps across various disciplines in HPE, 2) synthesizing key components of boot camps to formulate an operational definition, and 3) proposing recommendations for best practices when developing an HPE boot camp.


This review will explore the literature pertaining to boot camps to formulate an operational definition and develop best practices of an HPE boot camp.


Boot camp, medical education, scoping review

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