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The Early Career Librarians Initiative (ECLI) aims to impart valuable professional information to Library Information Science (LIS) students and early career librarians. ECLI noticed a lack of content specific to the challenges and concerns often encountered by early career librarians. In an effort to address this gap, ECLI partnered with Region 3 of the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) and hosted a three-part webinar series on job searching, setting professional goals, and navigating promotion and tenure. ECLI members will share their experiences about this process, what skills they learned, and how these experiences impacted their professional growth


Presented at 2023 Joint Chapter Meeting : SCC & SC (New Orleans, LA) conference. This paper recapped the group's experiences as they collaborated to create a webinar series for the Early Career Librarians Initiative (ECLI).

Published Open-Access