Implications of Health Care Reform (Medical Ethics Series, 2011)

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The origins of the library date back to 1915, when the Houston Academy of Medicine (HAM) established a small library in downtown Houston to serve the Harris County Medical Society. This Library was combined with the Baylor College of Medicine’s (BCM’s) small library in 1949 to form a centralized collection. As more institutions joined the Texas Medical Center, they also shared the resources of the TMC Library, thereby creating a unique point of collaboration among the institutions of the TMC. A permanent home for this new library was built in the early 1950’s, through the efforts of HAM and BCM. Jesse H. Jones contributed funding for the construction, and in 1954, the approximately 27,000 square foot, three-story “Jesse H. Jones Library Building” was dedicated. By 1975, a new addition to the building had added another 76,000 square feet for the Library’s growing collection. At this time, the Library officially became known as the Houston Academy of Medicine – Texas Medical Center Library. Today the library uses the shorter operating name of The TMC Library. Find out more at History of the Library from the library website.

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September 21, 2011




A video of a panel discussion on how Obama's Health Care Reform would affect Texas Medical Center institutions and health care in general. Speakers include Tom Cole (moderator), Roberta Schwartz (Methodist Hospital), Pauline Rosenau (UT-Houston School of Public Health), and Laurence McCullough (Baylor College of Medicine).