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Medical World News (MWN) was a weekly publication that focused on medical developments, issues, and personalities. It was published for 35 years from 1960 to 1994. Self-described as "The Newsmagazine of Medicine,” Medical World News was the only news magazine devoted solely to medicine during its years of publication. By the 1990s Medical World News had become a monthly magazine. Nicholas K. Zittel was the last editor, and he wrote in his final Editor’s Note, “Over the years, MWN has fought valiantly to fulfill [its] promise. The ‘war on cancer,’ the artificial heart, Medicare, advances in neonatology, the halcyon days of drug discovery, political battles in Congress. With its comprehensive coverage of these and other critical issues MWN has fought tirelessly for and on behalf of the primary-care physician.” (MWN, February 1994, p.2) The last issue of the Medical World News was published in February 1994. See more at Medical World News,


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July 18, 1969




Image shows the designated issue with its affiliated page. File contains selected pages from approximately 12 issues of the Medical World News from 1969. Pages for each issue typically include cover, masthead, table of contents, acknowledgements (photographer credits), and advertisement index. See more at Medical World News Photograph Collection and its finding aid.


The McGovern Historical Center received the Medical World News Photograph Collection from HEI Publishing, which published the magazine in Houston for a few years. The photograph archive was originally donated to the archive in 1985. After the publication was sold to Miller Freeman, Inc. in San Francisco, CA, the archive had an agreement to archive materials with the new publishing company for a time. During this time, starting April 15, 1992, 19 boxes (roughly 16 cubic feet) were added to the collection.


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