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Dr. Moloney kept a personal journal, with photographs, for much of his two years with the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission in Japan. Along with other scientists, he studied the biological and medical effects of ionized radiation on the survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. In January of 1986, Dr. Moloney donated his journal, correspondence and diary pages to the Harris County Medical Archive, whose collections were later incorporated into the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center (HAM-TMC) Library. Dr. Moloney's journal is in relatively good shape containing a mix of handwritten notes and comments, news-clippings, photos, and ephemera. The journal is an important record of personal impressions, thoughts and details of events during a pivotal time in Japan. This 192-pagee journal gives new insights into the work of the ABCC and into the people who participated in that work. The journal covers the period from April 1952 to February 1954. In these documents, Moloney records his struggles with understanding the Japanese culture, his frustration at not being allowed to treat the survivors he studied, and his concerns, fears, hopes and revelations as he dealt with the bombing survivors and their children. The original papers are open for research at the John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center in the HAM-TMC Library in Houston .