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Dr. Desmond was born in the Hebrides Islands of Scotland in 1916. Postwar, she completed her pediatric training and a fellowship in newborn research. In 1948, she moved to Houston, Texas to join the faculty of Baylor College of Medicine in the Pediatric Department which at that time consisted of four faculty members and two residents. In 1950, Baylor became affiliated with the former Jefferson Davis Hospital and a newborn service was established. Dr. Desmond became the first head of the newborn care section in the Pediatric Department. In 1973 she became the director of the Leopold Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics at Texas Children's hospital. During this period she was on the team which cared for David Vetter, the "Bubble Boy." The Desmond Neonatal Developmental Follow-up Clinic, named for Dr. Desmond, was established in 1994 to provide logitudinal follow-up and neurodevelopmental assessments for pre-term babies.


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Left to right, Dr. Reba Michels Hill, Dr. Russell Blattner, Dr. Arnold Jack Rudolph, Dr. Murdina Desmond. Dedication took place April 24,1992 in Houston, Texas. Black-and-white photograph measures 4 1/2" x 6 1/2". Accompanied by a speech and letter written by Dr. Reba Michels Hill. See more at Murdina MacFarquhar Desmond, MD Papers and its finding aid.


Dr. Desmond donated the items in the collection in 1996. No accruals are expected for this collection.


Neonatology, Neonatologists, Hospitals Nurseries. Houston (TX), Murdina M. Desmond (1916-2003), Reba Michels Hill, Arnold J. (Arnold Jack) Rudolph (1918-1995), Ben Taub General Hospital, photographs » black-and-white photographs


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